2018 Taranis Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge

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The TNLC is a challenge over the course of 6 weeks. We will provide you with a weekly challenge in the area’s of nutrition and lifestyle designed to honour our Mission Statement:

“To provide an environment of education and support for all Taranis Athletes with the intention of guiding them to make educated, conscious choices for a future of sustainable nutrition and lifestyle choices.”

Start date: January 8
End Date: February 18

The goal for participants is to implement these challenges each week for the entire 6 week experience.

Your TNLC Leadership group is passionate about bringing health and wellness education and awareness to our community of athletes at Taranis. We will be in this with you for the 6 weeks. We will share our own experiences and do our best to give you the support you need. It won’t always be easy, but like a good day at the box, it will be satisfying to the soul. TNLC side effects include: feelings of empowerment, increased physical performance, and a growing fixation with mirrors.

Vanessa Sullivan: Co-owner of Taranis Athletics.
Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné: Owner of ReNu Wellness and WoD Nutrition
Reed MacKenzie: Co-owner of Taranis Athletics and Victoria City Firefighter



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