A Few Words About COVID-19


With the growing concern and the global spread of COVID-19, I feel it’s prudent of me to address the actions we are taking in the gym to keep our space as clean and sanitized as possible.

On Monday I started by reviewing our current Communicable Illness Policy and Standards. I went to my janitorial supply store and spoke with my favourite sales rep and came away with a few additions to our current system. Please have a good read of the following items. We all have a role to play in keeping our space and community healthy.

General Healthy Habits for your immune system:

  1. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water

  2. Wash your hands frequently

  3. Exercise frequently – Rest appropriately

  4. Get outside for fresh air and daylight

  5. Sleep Deep

Taranis Communicable Illness Policy and Standards 

Stay Home Request – Now and always during cold and flu season:

If you and/or anyone in your household is sick or “fighting something”, we are asking you to stay home and get better. Rest, hydrate, eat well and sleep. This is the number one preventative measure. 

We are continuing with:

  1. Encouraging hand washing post workout. All of our bathrooms are equipped with soap and paper towels. 20 seconds of soap massaged into wet hands (palms, backs and between fingers) and then rinsed well does the trick. Sing a song, repeat your favourite mantra or stare in the mirror and admire your muscles. Any of those things will serve as a good distraction and the time will fly by!

  2. Providing hospital grade disinfectant spray and sanitized rags for spraying and wiping down equipment contact points and gym floors (if you have left some sweat behind) after wod’s or training – we will now be enforcing this practice.


    2. LET SIT FOR 30 seconds

    3. WIPE DRY with a clean rag

    4. TOSS RAG in the laundry bins provided

  3. Regularly cleaning the gym floors and additional surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant.

NEW Additions or Practices:

  1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning in common areas with hospital grade disinfectant products.

  2. Hand Sanitizer dispensers will be mounted in 4 different locations around the gym. They are currently back ordered but will be hung up as soon as I get them.

  • 2 x entrances, 1 x check in desk and 1 x mobility room

  1. Disposable sanitizing wipes dispenser – for pull up bars and rings(wrap the wipe around the bar or ring, no spray needed- wipes go in the landfill bins)

  2. Hand wash station at the kitchen sink – installation happens on Friday

  • Ideally the kitchen sink is mainly used for filling water bottles, food heating and washing dishes. Hand washing is encouraged in the bathrooms but the kitchen sink is available as well.

  1. As much as possible, we will support athletes using individual equipment and not sharing equipment during partner wods and warm ups. If you have any concerns please speak to the coach, we will find a solution.



We will all have different reactions and feelings about the COVID-19 situation. Some people are not concerned at all and others are feeling anxiety and even panic. Let’s be respectful across the board and remember that we all have different situations to consider. We have a tight knit community where hugs, high-5s, handshakes and fist bumps are frequent. We are suggest putting this physical connectivity on hold right now for everyone’s consideration. I’m a hugger BUT right now, as an asthmatic, I am feeling some weird things about my personal space. If I don’t hug you for the foreseeable future, please know it’s not personal to you, it’s personal to me. I will be testing out the toe-tap thing. You know, the footsie high-5!

If you have any concerns or items to discuss, please don’t hesitate to message me directly at info@taranisathletics.com

Wishing you all health and happiness,

Vanessa aka Sully