WOD Friday February 15th

Runners Lunge x 1 minute/Side
Lying Pec Stretch x 1 minute/Side

Movement Prep:
Hip Openers x 5 reps/Leg
Hip Closers x 5 reps/Leg
Tactical Frog Internal Rotations x 10 Alt reps

Warm Up:

6 Alt Tabata Rounds x 20s on/ 10s off
Single Skips
Goblet Squats
Ring Rows

Technique & Review:

Rope Climb
– Stand to Lower x 1-2 reps
– Foot Lock & Hang x 2-3 reps
– Foot Lock & Extend x 2-3 reps
– Rope Climb x 1-2 reps

Back Squat
– Bar x 10 reps
– Light Load x 8 reps
– Workout Load x 6 reps


5 rounds for time:
21 Back Squats (135/95)
1 Legless Rope Climb

5 rounds for time:
15 Back Squats
1 Rope Climb
4 rounds for time:
12 Back Squats (95/65)
1 Rope Climb or 2 Stand to Lowers

SWOD Friday February 15th


A. Every 2 minutes x 6 sets
Pause Clean (ATK) + Split Jerk
*Sets 1-2 @ 70-75% of 1RM Clean & Jerk
*Sets 3-6 @ 80%

B. AMRAP in 8 minutes
15 BBJO (24/20”)
10 Ring Dips
(R) 5 Hang DB Clean & Jerk (50/35)
(L) 5 Hang DB Clean & Jerk

– Starting at 10:00 –

3 rounds for time:
25/20 Cal Row
25 Ball Slams (20/15)

C. 3 sets of:
Strict TTB x MAX reps
Rest 30 seconds
Seated L-Sit Pumps x 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Side Plank Reach Throughs x 10 reps/Side
Rest 90 seconds

SWOD Thursday February 14th


A. Every 3 minutes x 5 sets
*Set 1 x 8 reps @ 60%
*Set 2 x 6 reps @ 70%
*Set 3 x 4 rep @ 80%
*Sets 4-5 x 10RM

B. AMRAP in 13 minutes
55 TTB
55 DB Front Squats
55 CTB Pull Ups
55 DB Push Press
**Rx – 55/35
** Scaled – 35 reps & 40/25

C. 3 sets of:
Wtd Cossack Squat x 12 Alt reps
Rest 30 seconds
DB Front + Lateral Raises x 10 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Chinese Plank Hold x 60 seconds
Rest 90 seconds

WOD Thursday February 14th

Overhead Banded Stretch x 1 minute/Side
Lying Pec Stretch x 1 minute/Side
Partner Hamstring Stretch x 30 seconds/Leg

Movement Prep:
Inch Worm + Push Up x 5 reps
Samson T-Spine Opener x 5 reps/Side
Banded Shoulder Pass Throughs x 10 reps
Banded Pull Aparts x 15 reps

Warm Up:

AMRAP in 4 minutes
Partner “A” – Rows or Bikes
Partner “B” – 2 rounds
20 Mnt Climbers
10 Alt Piked Shoulder Taps
5 V-Ups

Technique & Review:

Handstand Hold
– Box
* Start with a smaller Box Height and build to a height that will
challenge you inside the workout.

– Wall Supported HS Hold
* Focus on a good clean kick up to the wall and holding a active hollow
position and active shoulders pushing into the floor.

– Wall Facing HS Hold
*If you are comfortable and confident with a HS Hold try to maintain your
Chest and Thighs against the wall during this hold.

2 rounds of
– Scap Pull Ups x 10 reps
– Straight Arm Lean Backs x 5 reps
– Strict TTB/Knee Tuck x 1-3 reps
– Beat Swings x 10 reps
– Beat Swing + Knee Tuck x 5 reps
– TTB x 3-5 reps
Rest 60 seconds b/t sets

1 round of:
10-15 second HS Hold (Your workout version)
5 TTB or Knee Tucks


5 rounds for time:
1 Minute HS Hold
21 TTB
*Break up the HS Hold as needed to accumulate the time required.
*Time Cap; 17 minutes

5 rounds for time:
1 minute HS Hold
15 TTB
5 rounds for time:
30 second HS Hold from Wall or Box
15 Knee Tucks

WOD Wednesday February 13th

– No Midday 3.0


10 Alt Rounds for time:
12 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
6 Power Cleans (185/135)

*Scaled loads
– 135-165/95-115
– 95-115/65-85

*Athlete “A” will complete 1 round of 12 BJO and 6 PC and then Tag athlete “B” who will complete a full round.
*Athletes will Alternate back and forth for 10 rounds (5 rounds each).

Class Times:
Phase 3.0:

SWOD Tuesday February 12th


A. EMOM x 6 minutes
Min 1: Single Leg Bounding Broad Jump x 25ft/Leg
Min 2: Snatch Balance x 4 reps @ 50-60% of 1RM Snatch

B. Every 90 seconds x 6 sets
Power Clean + Push Jerk
*Sets 1-2 @ 70-75% of 1RM Snatch
*Sets 3-6 @ 80%

C. 4 x 2 minute rounds of:
20/15 Asssault Bike Cals
10 Alt Reverse Front Rack Lunges (115/85) or (95/65)
MAX Hang Squat Snatches
Rest 2 minutes
*If you cannot perform the set amount of Cals in 60-75 seconds reduce to 15/10

D. 3 sets of:
Strict BOX HSPU x MAX reps (2-8″ Deficit)
Rest 60 seconds
Standing DB Lateral Raises x 10-12 reps
Rest 60 seconds
Sandbag Carry x 100ft (150/100)
Rest 60 seconds

Zen Planner Launch FAQ’s

Here are some basic FAQ’s that have come up in the last few weeks. 

Why do I have to provide my financial information again? Don’t you have it on file already?

Yes we do however:
1. We want the very latest information from scratch for everyone. I am unable to enter banking or credit card information in the new system without postal codes. A large number of you are missing postal codes on your waivers and financial forms.
2. Payment option types! We are now offering EFT, VISA AND Mastercard! I know some of you will be thrilled to move to mastercard. We want you to have the payment option that works best for you.
3. There is expediency in having you enter your information while you complete the membership agreement. It just makes sense.

Will I still be able to cancel or place my membership on hold with 30 days notice?

Yes! In the fine print blah blah blah of the membership contract, it says “If the student and/or co-signer wish to cancel this agreement, they may do so by sending a 30 day written notice, delivered to CrossFit Taranis at least 30 days prior to the cancellation date desired by the way of registered mail, electronic mail, personal delivery. Just send us an email and we will take care of you!

What are the Phases to this Zen Planner launch?

Phase 1: financial, waiver, agreements and personal profiles set up and running. On the back end of things I want to make sure families are grouped, accounts are being processed appropriately and everyone is set up and happy with the new system.

Phase 2: Scheduling, athlete class check kiosk and other behind the scenes functionality for the coaching staff.

Phase 3: automations for things like birthday’s, monthly newsletter, athlete goal reviews, waiver renewals and other general good business practice and community building items.

Phase 4: Possible WOD tracking functionality.

Why will I have to check in for class?

We will be asking athletes to check in(2nd phase of the ZP launch) for every class because we would like to see the numbers, the trends, the business side of things. How do we know what’s working or not if we don’t have the numbers to back it up?

Will you be limiting class sizes?
This is a consideration for certain classes, yes. We have done everything to avoid having to do this but as we do with all aspects of our business, we look at what do we need to do to evolve and serve our community the best way possible. Then we do it. We have been in this business for 11 years come March. We know change can be disruptive for some but we do hope you’ve learned you can trust us to make choices and changes for the best experience possible.

Will we be using the WOD tracking portion of Zen Planner?
Possibly. I think it’s a part of ZP functionality that we are keen to play with a bit but it’s not the reason for moving our admin to membership profile software. We will test it and keep you updated.

If I have a Zen Planner profile with another gym or club do I need a new one with Taranis?

This depends on the email you use to build your profile with. If it’s the same one, you will be given a choice of your locations to sign into and you will have a password for each club. If your various clubs have different emails on file, you will have a different sign process. Everything is figureoutable, so if you’re running into issues, come see me.

Can you help me?!? I can’t set this up because: It’s too hard! I’m technologically freaked out! I lost my glasses! My dog threw up on my computer and I dropped my phone over the railing into the Grand Canyon while on holiday last week so I don’t have online access to set up my profile!

Whatever the issue is, yes, I will help you get set up. You will see “Sully’s Open office Hours” in the schedule. Feel free to pop into the office, I’ll be there just for this reason. You can also email me vanessa@taranisathletics.com with any questions or to set up a time before or after the class you want to attend and I will meet you.

SWOD Monday February 11th


A. Every 2 minutes x 6 sets
Pause Snatch (ATK)
*Sets 1-2 @ 70-75% of 1RM Snatch
*Sets 3-6 @ 80%

B. Every 2 minutes x 5 sets
Pause Back Squat + Back Squat
*Sets 1-2 x 1+2 @ 70-75%
*Sets 3-5 x 1+2 @ 80%

C. For time:
1 to 10
*Perform 3 Burpees to 6″ Target after each set.

D. 3 sets of:
Strict Pull Ups x MAX reps
Rest 60 seconds
Seated Filly Press x 10 reps/Side
Rest 60 seconds
Side Plank Hold x 30-60 seconds/Side
Rest 60 seconds

WOD Monday February 11th

Pigeon Stretch x 1 minute/Side
Deadbug x 5 reps/Side

Movement Prep:
Banded Lateral Walk x 10 Steps O/B
Single Leg RDL x 5 reps/Leg
Single Leg Glute Bridge x 5 reps/Side

Warm Up:

AMRAP in 4 minutes of:
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Reverse Lunge
10 Hollow Rocks
5 Suite Case KB Deadlift/Side

Technique & Review:

A. Deadlift
– Good Mornings x 10 reps
– RDL x 10 reps
– Partner Band Resisted Deadlifts x 10 reps/Each

*Take 5-7 minutes to Build to First Starting sets.

B. Every 2 minutes x 5 sets

*Sets 1-3 x 2 reps
*Sets 4-5 x 6 reps

* In sets 1-3 Build up to Heavy set of 2 Reps for the day.
* In Sets 4-5 drop down to 60-75% of your Heaviest set of 2 and perform
6 reps.

– Choose a weight based off your 1RM and work across in sets 1-3 for 2 reps
and then drop down to 60-75% for sets 4-5 for 6 reps.
– Choose a lighter load today which will allow you to
focus on perfect movement pattern and quality of the lift.


3 rounds of:
250m Row
10 Burpees
500m Bike
– Rest 2-3 minutes b/t rounds –
*Score will be your SLOWEST round*

3 rounds
250m Row
7 Burpees
500m Bike

3 rounds
250m Row
5 Burpees
500m Bike

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