You choose to walk through our doors every day and we take that seriously. Therefore, Taranis Coaches are selected with excellence in mind. We take into consideration a wide variety of attributes and even when the right combination comes together and we spot a bad ass coach, they still have to prove themselves. We require our coaches to “practice what they preach.” This means they have movement standards you can set the bar by and knowledge you can trust.

Every coach on our staff was CrossFitting for several years before starting as a Taranis Coach. One of our mandatory policies to even be considered for a coaching position is to be a regular Taranis member for a minimum of 3 months. Our coaches know what the Taranis customer experience is like because they were all paying members first. They are passionate about fitness, nutrition and the CrossFit methodology. They constantly devour information, videos, books, and blogs on everything related to fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They pursue new Certifications every year. They compete regularly in CrossFit competitions, power lifting, 10ks, out door pursuits, and various sports. As owners we can stand confidently behind them with our business and reputation on the line, knowing the excellence they bring through the doors every day for you.