COVID-19 Closure Video

Here is the transcript of the video I posted on Monday March 16th at 2:30pm. This has a general over view of our closure and general game plan moving forward. More updates coming soon!!


“Hi Everyone

I’m here in the office at Taranis to deliver an important update regarding COVID 19 and our operations. 

I have been trying to look at everything from the perspective of a big hearted human who happens to be a business owner.  This means weaving together pragmatic sensibility with compassion and consideration for the coaches working in my business, you the community of awesome humans walking through the doors of my business and the global community at large.

Action we are taking today: after listening to Prime Minister Trudeau and Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry, I have decided to close the doors of Taranis to all group classes, effective immediately. I will be allowing the one on one sessions booked to the end of day Friday to continue, with a daily review and reconsideration. The recommendation is that all Canadians stay home. We are electively doing this to encourage the social distancing that is necessary for all of us to take seriously. This is not just about preventing the spread from a health stand point. It is also about “flattening the curve” and reducing the impact on the health care resources.  I think it’s my responsibility to make this hard choice for all of us. I think we are all tired of guessing and waiting and I feel by doing this, I’m removing one more decision you all have to make in your day.

So here is the game plan: 

We have at home programming for you immediately. While Steve has been in a state of self quarantine, he has been working on some fantastic at home programming. We are not pulling from another online service, we are giving you OUR Taranis programming. It’s thought out and the same damn good work you would expect from us inside the box. This will be for all of the programs we offer. We have the same format as in the gym and same levels to meet your varied needs. There will be home gym equipment options if you have that and otherwise household item suggestions. There will be track work and mobility work. We’ve got you.

How are we going to distribute this? I need a couple more days to get the full system launched. It’s going to be awesome! It’s creative, it’s engaging and it will be effective. I am investing money in to two new systems to distribute our online services. We will give you your membership’s worth, I promise. I don’t think it’s enough to simply post an at home work out and leave it at that. It is my vision that I keep my coaches working, our members turning the dial on health and wellness and my business running. I am asking you to give us the opportunity to deliver. If you are facing a position of financial hardship or stress and you need to put your membership on hold, I completely understand. 

Starting tomorrow morning, we will post our at home programming on our blog as we always have. This will be our main delivery portal for the next couple of days. Once the Coaching Team and I have our new online system ready to launch, I will email, post and live feed another announcement on the full offering you will have access to and what you need to do in order to access that. Please watch for these updates and help others get the information.

I will be in the gym from now until 6pm if you want to stop by and grab any personal work out gear, skipping rope etc. I will also be in the gym tomorrow between 9am and noon. If these hours don’t work for you to collect items, please message me directly. I will accommodate your schedule!

Many of you have reached out to me personally and I can’t tell you how much the support means to me. I am asking you to trust me to deliver and I am grateful for the opportunity to even be in a position to ask that of you all. I want you all to know how deeply appreciative I am to have this community in my life. THANK YOU.

So, that’s all for now. Watch for tomorrow’s WOD and take care of yourselves.”