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Phase 1 Foundation Training is a series of 10 sessions with an expert Taranis Coach. These sessions teach you the movements we use in CrossFit and allow you to slowly increase your intensity and comfort level in preparation for the transition into Phase 2. Phase 1 Foundation Training is mandatory to join Phase 2. This is for the safety of all athletes, new and experienced.

Group Phase 1:

You will be with a small group of athletes and typically one coach in each session. We cap these classes at 6-8 people to maintain coach to athlete ratio integrity.

  • Make instant friends!
  • VarietyHighly skilled coaches teaching the sessions
  • Set schedule Mon, Wed, Fri at 7pm starting¬†Dec 3 and wrapped up Dec 21

Once you have completed the Phase 1 training, you become a Phase 2 Athlete and are welcome to join our regularly scheduled CrossFit WOD Sessions just in time for January!