Personal Training

Personal Training is a great option for so many reasons! These are just a few:

  • Training for a specific sport or event
  • Busy schedule demanding flexible times
  • Have significant health limitations
  • You have been sedentary for a long period of time
  • Additional attention and accountability.
  • Or maybe you don’t want to try CrossFit but you love our space!

Whatever your reason is, we are happy to be your choice! Email us or give us a call with a bit of your story and we will set you up with a coach right away.  If you have been referred to someone, certainly let us know in your email so we can connect you.  Check out our coaching team here.

Adult Gymnastics

No athlete on the planet has the core strength, body control and strength to weight ratio of a gymnast!

A lot of the rudimentary gymnastics skills and training are used in CrossFit, however they can be the most frustrating and demanding skills to become proficient at. Once these skills can be added to an athlete’s “tool box” they will see improvement in all aspects of their fitness and it's FUN!

Taranis Gymnastics 

The main focus of the Taranis Gymnastics program is to increase the strength, stability and proficiency in both foundational and technical gymnastics movements specific to CrossFit training. We have created two different program levels to reach the varied stages of skill and development we see in our athletes. You do not have to be a Taranis member to take these classes. This is all under the programming and supervision of our certified gymnastics instructor, the fabulous Morgan Rozon.

General Format:

The classes will be held in 4 week blocks with a main skill focus for each block. We will track your progress through a variety of movements and testing. You have two package options to choose from each block. The first is with the minimum commitment being 1 x week level specific skills class, plus homework to practice on your own time. The second option is 1 x week level specific skills class, plus homework AND access to an additional weekly group practice session. Booking personal sessions with Morgan on top of these options will always help you reach those goals faster!

NEW Gymnastics BLOCK STARTS April 18, 2019 with additional 1 hr practice session on Saturday’s at 1pm!

The additional practice sessions are a great option if you are hoping to hone in your skills before the CrossFit Open starts! 

*Registration must be done prior to the start of each block.

4 week block cost and package options:
4 group skill sessions + personal homework $75
4 group skill sessions + personal homework + 4 group practice sessions $120
*You can also add on PT sessions for additional guidance and gains!

Level 1 – Foundation Gymnastics

When: Thursday Nights at 6:30pm NEW BLOCK STARTS April 18, 2019 * Pulling and Core Strength to get your first pull up!

Why: To build balanced strength and stability in the body and learn techniques for fundamental gymnastics movements.
Who: This class is for beginner to intermediate level athletes who want to focus their efforts on building strength and stability in gymnastics movements. There is no minimum work requirement for this class. Everyone is welcome!

Level 2 – Technical Gymnastics

Get working on all the skills and drills you need to be doing to break through those higher level CF gymnastic skills!

When: Thursday Nights at 7:30pm NEW BLOCK STARTS April 18, 2019

*Drills to Help You Get Your First Muscle Up & To Improve Efficiency for Pulling Movements

Why: To build on foundational strength & stability and practice techniques for advanced gymnastics skills.

Who: Intermediate-Advanced level athletes with a solid strength base who want to learn more advanced skills and efficiency in gymnastics movements.

L2 Technical Suggested Skill Requirements:

5 consecutive strict pull-ups + some kipping experience

10 consecutive straight body pushups

3-5 consecutive strict bar or ring dips

Payment can be made online or in the office at any time up to start of first class. 

If you have any questions please email Coach Momo at


Power Lifting Club

Currently we have a small club here at Taranis and are always looking to invite more athletes through the door. We train together most Saturday afternoons at 2pm and on any given evening can be seen mixed into the variety of athletes at Taranis training. Our club programming is done by the PL Club head coach, Sean Janzer.

We have a few different powerlifting membership options for you.

  • 1 x week plus monthly programming - $60 per month
  • 2 x week - Unlimited prices range from $85 - $125 per month
  • Drop in without programming - $15
  • Remote programming available. Please email for more details on this.

For more information please contact

Pre and PostPartum Athleticism

The Taranis P&PA is a program designed for the pregnant and postpartum woman with a focus on safe, healthy movement strategies, stage appropriate exercises and education designed to empower a woman during this amazing transitional chapter in her life.

“My goal for this program is to change the mindset surrounding pre and postpartum fitness, and build a community of like minded individuals who want more than just a ‘get your body back’ fitness class. I want to change your why of working out, and teach you risk vs reward strategies to get you from where you are to where you want to be on your postpartum journey.”
Robyn Rayner, RMT, P&PA Certified Coach, 5 months postpartum.
How you enter into the P&PA Program is stage dependant and will vary for each individual.

Currently CrossFitting and pregnant?

  • If you attend regular CrossFit classes and wish to continue training in the group environment, Robyn will personally adapt the daily wod to serve your needs. This allows you to safely take part while staying connected to your community. #nobodyputsmommainacorner
  • If you would prefer personalized programming and one on one training, Robyn would be happy to discuss the options available to you.
  • You are welcome to do a combo of personal training sessions, CrossFit classes and the P&PA specific class.
    We can make it work for you!


  • If you have been working with Robyn and have been in the P&PA program during your pregnancy, you will have a game plan laid out for your return to training and that will likely start in our P&PA Class.
  • If you are new to Taranis and our P&PA program, you will start a consultation session with Robyn. Together you will consider several factors and determine a P&PA Class start date.

What is the P&PA Class?

P&PA classes will typically begin with breathing and movement prep, then move into a strength component and finish with a fun workout! Knowledge bombs, educational bits and comedic relief will be sprinkled among it all!

Tuesday and Thursday 9:15 to 10:15am
Cost: $100 month for 2x/week or $60 month for 1x/week

You are welcome to bring your babies and other children to class with you! Babies can stay on the workout floor with momma. We have a room for older kiddies to hang out in during the class (Please note that child care is NOT provided at this time). In general this is a quiet time slot in our gym and the P&PA is the only program running at this time. This is intentional. Some personal training may be taking place but this won’t be disruptive to the P&PA Class.

We want you to be 6 weeks postpartum before starting the P&PA class. Clearance from your doctor, midwife and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist is required. Robyn believes in working with a team of professionals during the pregnancy and postpartum stages to help women stay active and training. This team may be your doctor, midwife, chiropractor, pelvic floor physiotherapist, RMT, acupuncturist or any combination of these professionals. Robyn is happy to recommend practitioners from her own trusted list. With the guidance of a great team, most women will likely have a speedier recovery during postpartum.

You can contact Robyn via email to set up a consultation or with any questions you may have. Read her bio for more information on Robyn's back ground with Taranis.