We started as a small CrossFit training facility back in 2008. Despite expansion and playing on the big stage at the CrossFit Games, we have remained true to our roots in keeping a down to earth vibe and as such are much more of a sports club than we are a gym.  When you join us at Taranis you are a member of a team and a community; you are not just a number on a key tag. Over the course of the last 7 years we have built a brand to be proud of and recognized globally. Today we are best described as an Athletic Club with deep roots in CrossFit now providing a wide variety of athletic pursuits to accompany our CrossFit offerings.


To improve the quality of life of all humans of any age within our reach through community driven fitness by focusing on integrity, excellence, friendship and support. We treat the people we work with and for as close friends and family. Our member’s goals are our goals.




It is a Gaelic phase meaning ‘bloody strong’. What started out as a powerful phrase for a tshirt, became a competition battle cry and is now considered our motto. damanta láidir speaks to what we embody in all aspects of our business.

We are bloody strong in:
  • The pursuit of excellence
    • Coaching
    • Standards
    • Movements
    • Customer service
  • Community/Family
  • Competition and Competitor Development
  • Integrity

Reed and Vanessa

We are an ex-husband and ex-wife business team. We share parenting responsibilities, a dog, a business and a friendship. We are dedicated to living happy and successful lives and we believe that our manner of going about that with integrity and respect allows our members to do the same. Our passion for building community and nurturing excellence has set us on a path we walk with great honor and pride.