THIS IS AN UPDATE on another action we are taking as a precautionary.

First of all to YOU, our membership, let me say on behalf of myself and the Taranis Coaching Team, THANK YOU! Thank you for the support and the positive attitudes! Everyone is doing their part around the gym and we appreciate it!


As many of you know Coach Steve was recently in Brazil for the Games qualifying Sanctional competition and he returned to Victoria on Wednesday March 11. Canadian health authorities have suggested that anyone returning from international travel after March 11 go into self quarantine for 10-14 days. Steve brought this to my attention this morning and after much discussion with each other and based on the advice of some very smart people working on the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve has elected to self quarantine until later next week. He was in a country with a smaller number of cases and he flew directly back into Canada. He was diligent about taking several precautions while travelling as well. I honestly believe his chances of picking up COVID-19 were minimal. However, in the interest of exercising an abundance of caution and setting a strong example, we feel it’s best for Stevie to stay home.

In the same line of thinking, we are asking anyone who has recently returned from international travel March 11 or later, to please stay away from the gym for the 10-14 day period. If you happen to fall into this category, please call me personally to discuss and game plan your fitness during your “staycation”. 250-882-0225.  We will provide you with some fantastic at home programming and support.

PLEASE REVIEW THIS POST for all of our updated Communicable Illness Policy and Standards (emailed Thursday March 12 at 9am)

Check the blog daily for updates! I’ll do my best to keep you all informed with anything I think is relevant to our community.

All Taranis Members should also search and join the private face book group called Taranis Community Place