Morgan Rozon

Crossfit Coach / Gymnastics / Nutrition / On-line Coach / Personal Coaching

Morgan Rozon (aka “Momo”) is a long time athlete, health nut and go getter! Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Morgan spends a lot of time outdoors finding new adventures and activities to try including hiking, mountain biking, and shooting, to name a few. Growing up she was a competitive gymnast and now coaches adult gymnastics for CrossFit. You can book a PT sessions with her! She competes competitively in CrossFit and spends her days off going for walks with her dog, catching some sunshine, reading and relaxing with her loved ones.

We happen to think Morgan is an adorable fitness nerd! She is always learning and taking new courses to build upon her knowledge base as a coach and human. Morgan strongly believes that being healthy gives you the opportunity to live your best life possible and aspires to help those around her to do the same. Using her expanding tool kit of education in fitness and nutrition, Morgan works with a wide range of people including new athletes looking for weight loss and more vitality as well as competitive athletes looking to increase performance.

In September 2019, Morgan helped Taranis launch a kick ass nutrition program! She is the head coach of the Taranis Nutrition Program and super excited to help people reach their health and performance goals by addressing the base of the fitness pyramid, nutrition. BOOK WITH HER TODAY! 

MoMo puts her heart into everything she does and has turned her passion for wellness into a career she loves.

To contact Morgan directly, please email her at

  • CrossFit L1 – Completing L2 in Feb 2020
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Scaling
  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw
  • CrossFit Running
  • NCCP Weightlifting L1
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Eat to Perform Nutrition
  • OFA Level 1 Level C CPR
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification