Vanessa Sullivan

Admin / Crossfit Coach / On-line Coach / Owner

Vanessa is known to most simply as Sully. She is often dancing across the gym floor, handing out hugs for PR’s and dreaming about tropical holidays with warm water to swim in. Vanessa is not afraid to admit that she is 46 and works out because she wants to be fit AND foxy.

Vanessa found an early passion for sport and consistently earned top athletic honours through high school. Coaching was also an early start for Vanessa and by 15yrs old she was going back to her elementary school to coach basketball and volleyball. Post secondary, Vanessa made her home town university volleyball squad but retired early to finish off her first year and give birth to her daughter. This plot twist in life is what Vanessa credits to really shaping her future with sport and fitness. While continuing to play on rec teams, it was the continued commitment to coaching the younger generations that became the true passion and the right fit.

July 2006 was Vanessa’s first CrossFit WOD, a very load scaled version of ‘Linda’ done in a rec center with no idea of how hard the volume would hit her. After a long hiatus from the fitness world, Vanessa was thrilled to find a way to work out that felt like playing on a team again. 2008 saw the opening of CrossFit Taranis and a whirlwind of life style change leading to 2011 and Vanessa was 50 lbs lighter and feeling like an athlete again. “Time and time again we hear the stories of massive change brought about by finding CrossFit. I am one of those stories!”

Vanessa holds certifications in CF- L1, CF Olympic Weightlifting, NCCP Olympic Lifting and a various certificates from workshops and seminars covering programming, movement and nutrition. In 2011 Vanessa was head coach of Team Taranis earning a 3rd place win at the CrossFit Games. She was part of the management teams and success behind the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Canada West Regional competition and the legendary Taranis Winter Challenge (2009-2013). In 2012 Vanessa had the opportunity to compete in the Canada West Regionals on the second Taranis affiliate team, CFT Thunder.

Beyond her dedication to coaching is Vanessa’s passion for her business. “As an owner, running a business entails employing integrity and the intention of excellence in all choices. Making sure people know they are genuinely cared for and appreciated is high on my priority list. I love what I do and feel blessed to have the chance to do it. “

Vanessa loves her 5lb yorkie, Captain Awesome, has a ridiculous collection of running shoes and is the proud Momma of a confidant and independent 26yr old.

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