We distribute CrossFit in both group and individual style coaching as options in all the stages or our programming. If you are new to CrossFit training, you must start by doing a CrossFit Intro Session and then go through our foundation training called Phase 1. After you complete the foundation training in Phase 1, you become a Phase 2 athlete and are welcome to join our regularly scheduled CrossFit WOD Sessions. If you have a CrossFit background we will ask you to complete a private CrossFit Evaluation.

To book an Intro Session or Evaluation simply email and let us know you are interested!

Important to know!

Crossfit has taken the fitness world by storm and has a massive following globally! We clearly see that 2 different branches of CrossFit have formed, GPP CrossFit and Competitive CrossFit. We have programs for both types of training goals but it is so important to us that you understand the difference between them.


In our large and varied community, most people are doing CrossFit for the purpose of life long fitness or as we call it, GPP (general physical preparedness). When considering GPP, we offer a broad, general, and inclusive strength and conditioning program. GPP is the foundation of fitness for any Game, Mission or Life needs. By having our athletes focusing on perfecting their movement patterns, consider their personal rep schemes, WOD duration and recovery needs we consistently see evolution in fitness and performance in all our athletes across the board. We scale load and intensity; we don't change programs to get after our GPP. Healthier human beings walking this planet and looking sexy in their jeans as a bonus… who can argue with that?

If you have not heard about the Reebok CrossFit Games, you will shortly after walking through our doors. The CrossFit Games are a part of our legacy and our brand. When it comes to competition, we are arguably the most successful CrossFit Gym in Western Canada. We are the only Canadian Team to have won a medal at the CrossFit Games and have the highest-ranking Individual athlete finish, 10th place, yet to be matched by another Canada West athlete.  What does all that mean?   We are a competitive gym. We have a Competitive Development Program. We have top level CrossFit Athletes. The YouTube videos most often shown of CrossFit Competitions are not a good example of what will be expected of someone walking through the doors for the first time or even the 100th time. Training for CrossFit Competition looks similar to what the majority of our athletes seeking GPP are doing but the time, volume and dedication it takes to be at that competitive level are different. While we certainly have the tools to help you reach your highest competitive potential, we only offer them if you are asking.

We know it can be intimidating at first so we want to help you understand how to toss the intimidation aside and just get started.

Steps to getting started.

Book a CrossFit Intro Session then please read Phase 1: Start and Phase 2: Training.

A CrossFit Intro Session is a 1.5hr session for $25. This session is done privately with a Taranis Coach and is the first session of our Phase 1 Foundation Training. If you continue with the Phase 1 training, your $25 is credited to your Phase 1 payment and your first day of 10 is now complete!

Phase 1: Start

Phase 1 Foundation Training is a series of 10 sessions with an expert Taranis Coach.  These sessions teach you the movements we use in CrossFit and allow you to slowly increase your intensity and comfort level in preparation for the transition into Phase 2. Phase 1 Foundation Training is mandatory to join Phase 2.  This is for the safety of all athletes, new and experienced.

The Phase 1 Training can take place in two different ways for you.

Individual Phase 1:

Here you work one on one with a CrossFit Coach to complete your 10 days of foundation training.

  • One on One learning
  • Flexible scheduling to suit your needs
  • Personalized injury considerations and planning
  • Personalized mobility recommendations
  • $525 includes Phase 1 training and remainder of your first month

Group Phase 1:

You will be with a small group of athletes and typically one coach in each session.  We cap these classes at 5 people to maintain coach to athlete ratio integrity.

  • Make instant friends!
  • Variety of coaches teaching the sessions
  • Set schedule Mon, Wed, Fri at 7pm starting on the first Mon or Wed of each month. Email for upcoming registration info!
  • $225 includes Phase 1 training and remainder your first month

Once you have completed the Phase 1 training, you become a Phase 2 Athlete and are welcome to join our regularly scheduled CrossFit WOD Sessions.

Occasionally we will have an athlete that might need a bit more time to develop in their foundation skills. If this is the case, we will have a very honest chat and come up with a game plan that meets the needs and expectations for both Taranis and the Athlete. There is always a way!

Phase 2: Training

Phase 2 Training is our scheduled group CrossFit Workout of the Day

In our one-hour WOD Sessions, athletes will be lead by our expert coaches through the various stages of the hour:
• Skill-based warm-up to prepare the body for the workout
• Mobility drills to prepare your joint mobility and functionality
• The Workout of the Day
• Post-workout cool down techniques and suggestions.

Schedule - See online schedule and note rest day rotation.
Cost - $135 - $175 based on desired frequency of attendance.

Please see our FAQ for more information on Rest Day rotation and our non contract membership information.

Phase 3: Training

Phase 3.0 Training is open gym time for our more advanced athletes or athletes that have shown proficiency in movement and programming and are working with a coach on extra skills. Permission must be requested and granted before attending the phase 3 training. The supervision at phase 3 is always present but is less structured than our Team Sessions. Email to request 3.0 attendance. info@crossfitvic.com

Schedule - 3.0 times run along side any of our regular class times and runs until 7:30pm every Monday to Friday that we are open.  For our extended midday 3.0 time slot, please refer to our daily blog post to confirm availability.
Cost - $25 added to your monthly-unlimited membership.

Crossfit Competitor Development Program

We have a long-standing history of competitive participation and dominance in the sport of CrossFit. We will be the first to give credit to the outstanding abilities of the athletes we have had walk through our doors and compete under our banner but we also see fantastic results because of our coaching methods in programing, training and game day execution. We are proud to say that we have a world class CrossFit Coaching Team and have always had our athletes compete under coaching systems. This program gives all Taranis athletes interested in being a competitive CrossFitter, the chance to learn under our systems and techniques. Open to Taranis Members only.

Schedule - Saturday’s 11:30 -1pm. Pls check online schedule to confirm each week. CURRENTLY NOT IN SESSION
Cost - $20 per month.

Crossfit Private Coaching

Our Group CrossFit and Competitor Development Programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of our varied community, however significant gains can usually be made faster through Private Coaching. At every stage of our athletic development, we learn, evolve and are ready to learn some more. This is why we encourage athletes to invest in their continued progression by booking private coaching. The individual attention gives a coach the chance to fine tune your lifts or movement patterns, ask deeper questions about your training and customize the cues, the homework and techniques to best suit you. It is an amazingly effective way to find your limits and blow past them!

A private coaching session can be booked based on your schedule with any of our Taranis Coaches. We have a deep pool of knowledge and experience between us all and we love to share that information!

Cost - $65-95 per hour

Crossfit Lite

A CrossFit Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class because we believe in them! Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

In a CrossFit Lite class we scale back the heavy weight lifting and take out the complex gymnastics movements found in our full CrossFit Program. Does this mean it's watered down and for people who can't handle the challenge?? Heck NO! In 1 hr you will be in and out the door "fitter for it" and excited to come back! You can drop your kids off at school and make the morning session for a great sweat and stretch with friends.

Let us give you:

  • A Fresh Start and More Energy
  • A Strong Sexy Body
  • A Community of like Minded People
  • Experts Building your Fitness Action Plan
  • In and out the door in 1 hour

On going registration is open!

COST: 3 times per week $135/month
Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday @9:15am, Monday at 7pm and Wednesday at 6:30pm, Saturday @ 8:30am

**We have the CFLite classes running 4 days a week and your membership is good for any 3 of those days.  You have the flexibility to pick and choose the days you come into the gym because hey, life happens and we don't want you to miss a workout!

If you would like to find out more about our program or have any questions, please email us!


Taranis Kids (Ages 4 - 6 and 7 - 10)


Link to Child Fitness tax Info

Taranis Youth Age 11 - 14

Taranis Youth Is not active for Fall 2018/Winter 2019. We will announce specialty camps for certain blocks in the year.