Taranis COVID-19 Safety Plan Summary

This is a summary version of the latest Taranis Covid-19 Safety Playbook. For full details, please request a copy info@taranisathletics.com Latest Update: April 1, 2021

If you are entering Taranis at all, you must first be able to answer NO to all of the screening questions and you agree to our COVID-19 Assumption of Risk Waiver.

We are restricted to a maximum of 25 people in the gym. That number can be made up of: a maximum of 13 training spaces being used, 2 meeting only clients and 4 on the duty coaching staff.

Athlete/Member(used interchangably) Summerized Safety Plan:

  • 13 Training Spaces are available for Taranis members to reserve training block times designated to their respective membership privileges. Personal Training client times will be reserved by their coach. PT’s with 2 same house athletes may use one space as long as the coach can maintain a 2m distance at all times.
  • We do not currently run group classes of any kind until further notice. All training is done individually and is self directed, done during a pre-reserved training block. We provide a block of programming for our athletes to select from each week and offer individual guidance and correctives.
  • Training blocks must be reserved to attend the gym and reserved no more than 10 days in advance.If you are unable to make your reserved training block, you must cancel 2 hours before the start time so that someone on the waitlist will have 2 hours notification. For Monday – Friday 5:30/6/645/715am reservations, you must cancel no later than 8:00pm the evening before.
  • There are start times layered through the day with waves of 7/6 athletes per start time. Athletes may enter the gym 5 minutes before their reserved start time and must be cleaned up and out no later than 10 minutes after their finish time.
  • Athletes are reminded to avoid hanging around outside the gym before and after their training block. We know this is hard because gym time is often a social time for so many of us, but it is a critical element to keeping our doors open.
  • Masks are mandatory in any area outside of your selected training space from entry to exit. This includes: during your workout if you leave your space to get equipment to use another piece of equipment for your workout, going to use the washroom or the sink, and while cleaning your equipment after use. You may take off your mask when you are within your workout space. 
  • Before entering the gym, athletes are asked to answer the screening questions, and if all questions are answered no, they are welcome to proceed inside. Please sanitize your hands at the front entrance before entering the gym floor.
  • Each individual will have their own designated workout area, stocked with a sanitation station containing: hand sanitizer, spray bottle sanitizer and clean rags. Athletes are to provide their own chalk, training gear, belts, wraps, skipping ropes and water bottle and contain all items within the boundary of their training space.
  • Athletes must observe the previously mentioned mask policy while navigating the gym for the duration of their training block. When an athlete is finished training, we request they replace their mask, use the hand sanitizer and then the spray bottle and clean rags to sanitize all of the equipment they used. All items are to be replaced and dirty rags disposed of in the tall white laundry bins. Sanitizing hands and putting on a mask before cleaning up will keep the equipment and high touch points less exposed on the way out of the gym. 

Facility Over View

Spacing: We have training spots with the small orange disk cones. We want to have athletes from each start time go to either a cone space or a non-cone space. Same house athletes can work side by side in spaces, that’s totally fine and preferred. So if one is in a cone and the other is in a non-cone, cool. All training spaces provide over 2.5m between athletes. If all training spaces are full, we are still running a safe gym, with at least the PHO recommended 2.5m minimum but in most cases, more. We have elected to stagger start times to facilitate less clustering upon entry and exit and clearly display an individual training business model. 

  • The bay doors and the enter/exit man doors will be opened fully as soon as the weather warms up! The ventilation system we have is designed to facilitate air turn over 2 times every 1.5 hour. We are waiting on HO confirmation as to being allowed to currently run the system during training blocks.
  • Contactless payment is provided via Zen Planner, Square, or E-transfer.
  • The kitchen sink is available to fill personal water bottles. The fridge and microwave are not available for public use.
  • Our showers remain closed. Washrooms are all available and may be used to change but not to store your clothing in during your workout. Please take all items with you.
  • Parents that need to bring kids, please make sure they wear a mask (we have some kid size disposable masks if needed at the entrance) and bring a camping style chair for your kiddo to hang out in. When you enter the gym, please consult the coach on duty for the best location if you haven’t already made an arrangement. Pre arranging is best and we ask that you do your best to let us know.
  • We have increased the sanitization frequency of common touch points. This includes the kitchen tap, light switches, door handles and washroom fixtures.
  • Increased sanitization frequency of equipment, flooring and all coaching related items

Coaching Directives and Safety Plan Updates building on Previously established:

  • Must wear a mask at all times while in the gym as a coach on duty. As an athlete training, you may fall under the mask protocol for athletes.
  • Must maintain physical distancing as laid out by the latest PHO
  • Coaches do not:
    • run a class
    • start a timer for a group on the big clock
  • Coaches do:
    • Help athletes select the best training spot for the workout they are doing and offer guidance on selecting a workout if the athlete is unsure. “hit biceps yo”
    • Check athletes in
    • Correct, provide guidance and teach movements individually
    • Provide support and encouragement
    • Stop anything that is deemed unsafe from a movement or covid perspective.
    • Clean spaces, restock athlete sanitation kits and sanitize high touch points.
    • The training block coaching should still be very interactive on an individual level.
  • All staff must complete a report forthe Staff Health Check In before beginning any coaching duties.


We are keeping up-to-date on the latest government and health authority recommendations. The Taranis’s COVID-19 Safety PlayBook is an evolving item. We give each change and decision great consideration from many different perspectives.

The Main Goal: Pass a possible unannounced inspection with flying colours and keep our doors open with the highest possible safety standards in place. Larger Intention: To be doing our part to contribute to reducing pandemic numbers as a business and as good people in the world. The items that satisfy an inspection contribute to this intention. We won’t just do “what others are doing”. We are going to do as we have all along, what we feel is right within what we are allowed to do to keep this business open and everyone as safe as we can.

For questions or concerns, please contact Vanessa Sullivan(Owner) – info@taranisathletics.com