Taranis Nutrition Challenge 2020

TNC 2020 is Partner Style!

What is it? 

The TNC 2020 is a 6 week nutrition and lifestyle challenge to kick off the new year and either help you start to create some new healthy habits or reconnect with some that might have got lost along the way. We have decided to do it partner style this year as a fun way to work together, create more accountability, to share meal prep with and whatever else you’d like throughout the challenge. We encourage everyone to join whether you’re looking for weight loss, performance enhancement or weight gain!

LOOKING FOR A PARTNER?? Let us know, we will help pair people up! 

How does it work?

Everyone will be given healthy habits and nutrition practices to follow and a point tracking sheet to total up your weekly points. You and your partner’s points will be added together at the end of the challenge and the final scores will be a combination of total tracking points + differences in body composition. A greater emphasis will be placed on points and participation than body composition. 

What does it include?

  • Assigned Personal Taranis Nutrition Coach!
  • 3 x 30 min individual nutrition meetings (1 at beginning, 1 at mid point, 1 at end)
  • Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Seminar + Intro Package
  • 4 Weeks Individual Meal Plan
  • Access to exclusive Taranis HSN app
  • Private Taranis FB Group(If you don’t use FB, our app will keep you in the loop!)
  • Weekly Nutrition tips, recipes and success strategies.
  • Weekly Check-ins with your Nutrition Coach.
  • Weekly Mini Challenges & Incentives.

Important Dates 

Jan 10th- Registration Deadline   TNC Registration 

Week Jan 13-17th- Initial Individual Meetings: You will need to book in for your initial 30 minute meeting with your assigned coach to do initial measurements, create goals, get set up with our exclusive app and get info needed to create your customized meal plan. Once you’ve filled out the registration form, your assigned coach will send you an email with a link to schedule this initial meeting. 

Jan 18th- Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Seminar: This will be a 1hr group meeting to review the details of the challenge, give some nutrition & lifestyle information, how to view the meal plans and use the app, to explain how the weekly mini challenges will work and to answer any questions you may have! Everyone will also be receiving bit of swag to get you started 😉 

Feb 6-10th- Mid-point Check Ins: During this week, everyone will have their 2nd individual nutrition meeting to reassess your goals, re-do measurements and discuss your action plan moving into the second half of the challenge. 

Feb 28th- Mar 2nd: Final Meetings & Measurements: At your final individual meeting of the challenge we will re-do your biometrics, assess how things went and discuss what the best plan of action moving forward. 

Date To Be Determined: Wrap Up Potluck!!! 

How much does it cost? 

Taranis Member Price (per person): 2 payments of $80

Non-Taranis Member Price (per person): 2 payments of $100

Existing Nutrition Client Price (per person): Current nutrition client rate 

* 1 payment at beginning + 1 payment at 2 week point. Price includes GST. 

What are mini challenges?

We will be having weekly mini challenges where you can earn extra bonus points and get entered into a draw to win some of the awesome weekly prizes. 

The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams will be announced at the kick off! 

We are so excited to bring this nutrition challenge as an offering from our Taranis Nutrition Program! We launched the Taranis Nutrition Program in September this year with Morgan Rozon as the Head Taranis Nutrition Coach and we are happy to announce the addition of a second Nutrition Coach to our Team… Meghan McDade! These two fantastic ladies will be running the TNC 2020 and are available to answer all your nutrition needs year round. 

TNC 2020 Registration

If you’re not interested in taking part in the TNC 2020 but would like to know more about our Nutrition Services, please use the link below to schedule a FREE Nutrition Intro Session.

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