Welcome to Our New Website!

I am just so freaking excited about this piece of delicious visual fun and I hope you all love the site as much as I do!

Huge shout out to the crew at Voltage New Media.  I found them via CrossFit Squamish and was delighted to find out that Voltage New Media is a Victoria based company so I could use their talents AND continue to serve my goal of using local sources in as many areas of my life as possible.

First thing that you need to do is update your bookmark! yaaaahooo! We have done a bit of rebranding as you will notice. When we launched in 2008 we had a hard time picking a domain and admittedly didn’t know a ton about online marketing strategy, so we went with something that we thought would tie into our location, crossfitvic.  Several years later someone came up with a similar version of it creating some confusion for folks in our area so now it’s time to leave it behind and stand on tall on the brand we have created as CrossFit Taranis. Our rebranding to the umbrella of Taranis Athletics is certainly not a move away from CrossFit. We are a CrossFit Box that offers various types of training options, clubs and fitness solutions and we want our name to represent that.

Get yourself all over the site and enjoy! A few key features to note include:

  • WOD posted right on our homepage for easy access but is also a stand alone in the navigation bar and will be archived in it’s own category. This is searchable on the blog page.

  • Blog. Say what!?! Yes, we will have a blog back! I’m looking forward to posting pretty pics, featuring athletes and sharing information on our own formatting terms again.  FB only allows one font style and colour after all and that’s just not enough for this creative girl!

  • Links to our social media streams. Everything from FB, Twitter, InstaGram, G+, Youtube, Pinterest and I am even working on a Tapiture feed for The Dingo! We all have our favorite social streams to play in so I am hoping we have covered our ground here but please let me know if I’m missing anything!

  • Trophy Case. I got this idea from our CF Squamish Crew and have noticed it on a few different sites as well.  We have a strong history of bad ass athletes at Taranis and having a place to display their athletic accomplishments makes bragging a bit easier 😉 You will notice a case dedicated to CrossFit. I have another one in the works to be dedicated to “Other Events”.  I will be filling this case in over the next couple weeks and really want to hear from all Taranis Athletes out in the world competing and testing your fitness. Send me your results!! vanessa@taranisathletics.com

  • Schedule – good old Google Cal is still the easiest and most reliable. Don’t fix what ain’t broke right?