CFL Wednesday 03.18.2020

** PLEASE post results to comments **

Pigeon Stretch x 1 minute/Side
Prone Lat Stretch x 1 minute/Side

Movement Prep:

4 sets:
High Knee March x 20 Alt Steps
Wall Slides x 10 reps
Wall Sit x 30 seconds
– Rest 60 seconds –

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:
10 Reverse Lunges
10 Hollow Rocks
20 Jumping Jacks


AMRAP in 15 minutes
30 Walking Lunges
60 Jumping Jacks
30 Sit Ups
60 Jumping Jacks
30 Plank Shoulder Taps (R+L = 1 rep)

A Few Words About COVID-19


With the growing concern and the global spread of COVID-19, I feel it’s prudent of me to address the actions we are taking in the gym to keep our space as clean and sanitized as possible.

On Monday I started by reviewing our current Communicable Illness Policy and Standards. I went to my janitorial supply store and spoke with my favourite sales rep and came away with a few additions to our current system. Please have a good read of the following items. We all have a role to play in keeping our space and community healthy.

General Healthy Habits for your immune system:

  1. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water

  2. Wash your hands frequently

  3. Exercise frequently – Rest appropriately

  4. Get outside for fresh air and daylight

  5. Sleep Deep

Taranis Communicable Illness Policy and Standards 

Stay Home Request – Now and always during cold and flu season:

If you and/or anyone in your household is sick or “fighting something”, we are asking you to stay home and get better. Rest, hydrate, eat well and sleep. This is the number one preventative measure. 

We are continuing with:

  1. Encouraging hand washing post workout. All of our bathrooms are equipped with soap and paper towels. 20 seconds of soap massaged into wet hands (palms, backs and between fingers) and then rinsed well does the trick. Sing a song, repeat your favourite mantra or stare in the mirror and admire your muscles. Any of those things will serve as a good distraction and the time will fly by!

  2. Providing hospital grade disinfectant spray and sanitized rags for spraying and wiping down equipment contact points and gym floors (if you have left some sweat behind) after wod’s or training – we will now be enforcing this practice.


    2. LET SIT FOR 30 seconds

    3. WIPE DRY with a clean rag

    4. TOSS RAG in the laundry bins provided

  3. Regularly cleaning the gym floors and additional surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant.

NEW Additions or Practices:

  1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning in common areas with hospital grade disinfectant products.

  2. Hand Sanitizer dispensers will be mounted in 4 different locations around the gym. They are currently back ordered but will be hung up as soon as I get them.

  • 2 x entrances, 1 x check in desk and 1 x mobility room

  1. Disposable sanitizing wipes dispenser – for pull up bars and rings(wrap the wipe around the bar or ring, no spray needed- wipes go in the landfill bins)

  2. Hand wash station at the kitchen sink – installation happens on Friday

  • Ideally the kitchen sink is mainly used for filling water bottles, food heating and washing dishes. Hand washing is encouraged in the bathrooms but the kitchen sink is available as well.

  1. As much as possible, we will support athletes using individual equipment and not sharing equipment during partner wods and warm ups. If you have any concerns please speak to the coach, we will find a solution.



We will all have different reactions and feelings about the COVID-19 situation. Some people are not concerned at all and others are feeling anxiety and even panic. Let’s be respectful across the board and remember that we all have different situations to consider. We have a tight knit community where hugs, high-5s, handshakes and fist bumps are frequent. We are suggest putting this physical connectivity on hold right now for everyone’s consideration. I’m a hugger BUT right now, as an asthmatic, I am feeling some weird things about my personal space. If I don’t hug you for the foreseeable future, please know it’s not personal to you, it’s personal to me. I will be testing out the toe-tap thing. You know, the footsie high-5!

If you have any concerns or items to discuss, please don’t hesitate to message me directly at

Wishing you all health and happiness,

Vanessa aka Sully

Taranis Nutrition Challenge 2020

TNC 2020 is Partner Style!

What is it? 

The TNC 2020 is a 6 week nutrition and lifestyle challenge to kick off the new year and either help you start to create some new healthy habits or reconnect with some that might have got lost along the way. We have decided to do it partner style this year as a fun way to work together, create more accountability, to share meal prep with and whatever else you’d like throughout the challenge. We encourage everyone to join whether you’re looking for weight loss, performance enhancement or weight gain!

LOOKING FOR A PARTNER?? Let us know, we will help pair people up! 

How does it work?

Everyone will be given healthy habits and nutrition practices to follow and a point tracking sheet to total up your weekly points. You and your partner’s points will be added together at the end of the challenge and the final scores will be a combination of total tracking points + differences in body composition. A greater emphasis will be placed on points and participation than body composition. 

What does it include?

  • Assigned Personal Taranis Nutrition Coach!
  • 3 x 30 min individual nutrition meetings (1 at beginning, 1 at mid point, 1 at end)
  • Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Seminar + Intro Package
  • 4 Weeks Individual Meal Plan
  • Access to exclusive Taranis HSN app
  • Private Taranis FB Group(If you don’t use FB, our app will keep you in the loop!)
  • Weekly Nutrition tips, recipes and success strategies.
  • Weekly Check-ins with your Nutrition Coach.
  • Weekly Mini Challenges & Incentives.

Important Dates 

Jan 10th- Registration Deadline   TNC Registration 

Week Jan 13-17th- Initial Individual Meetings: You will need to book in for your initial 30 minute meeting with your assigned coach to do initial measurements, create goals, get set up with our exclusive app and get info needed to create your customized meal plan. Once you’ve filled out the registration form, your assigned coach will send you an email with a link to schedule this initial meeting. 

Jan 18th- Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Seminar: This will be a 1hr group meeting to review the details of the challenge, give some nutrition & lifestyle information, how to view the meal plans and use the app, to explain how the weekly mini challenges will work and to answer any questions you may have! Everyone will also be receiving bit of swag to get you started 😉 

Feb 6-10th- Mid-point Check Ins: During this week, everyone will have their 2nd individual nutrition meeting to reassess your goals, re-do measurements and discuss your action plan moving into the second half of the challenge. 

Feb 28th- Mar 2nd: Final Meetings & Measurements: At your final individual meeting of the challenge we will re-do your biometrics, assess how things went and discuss what the best plan of action moving forward. 

Date To Be Determined: Wrap Up Potluck!!! 

How much does it cost? 

Taranis Member Price (per person): 2 payments of $80

Non-Taranis Member Price (per person): 2 payments of $100

Existing Nutrition Client Price (per person): Current nutrition client rate 

* 1 payment at beginning + 1 payment at 2 week point. Price includes GST. 

What are mini challenges?

We will be having weekly mini challenges where you can earn extra bonus points and get entered into a draw to win some of the awesome weekly prizes. 

The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams will be announced at the kick off! 

We are so excited to bring this nutrition challenge as an offering from our Taranis Nutrition Program! We launched the Taranis Nutrition Program in September this year with Morgan Rozon as the Head Taranis Nutrition Coach and we are happy to announce the addition of a second Nutrition Coach to our Team… Meghan McDade! These two fantastic ladies will be running the TNC 2020 and are available to answer all your nutrition needs year round. 

TNC 2020 Registration

If you’re not interested in taking part in the TNC 2020 but would like to know more about our Nutrition Services, please use the link below to schedule a FREE Nutrition Intro Session.

FREE Nutrition Intro

CrossFit Games Open 2020 at Taranis

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts Thursday Oct 10! For 5 weeks you will feel an energy and vibe around the gym that will likely be a bit more charged than usual. Soak it up! It’s a great time to use the excitement as motivation.


We will be running the Open with some changes to last year. Our Saturday class WOD will be the Open work out of the week. For those registered in the Open, you will complete the WOD as prescribed for the division you wish to participate in. If you are not registered for the Open, you will have the option of completing the work out as we post it with various levels as per usual, taking into consideration any adjustments or modifications you may personally need to get a great workout in for the day.



Have a read of all the information on when and what the Open is, who can take part (pssssst, everyone can!) and how to register. If you plan to register, please go read everything.

In summary: The Open is a worldwide online CrossFit competition. It is an excellent opportunity to test yourself against the world and your peers to see your current level of fitness regardless if you are attempting to go further in CrossFit competitions. You do not have to be an RX’d athlete to take part, this is a competition with scaled divisions and Masters categories. We encourage everyone to feel welcomed to participate!

The competition is 5 weeks long with a new workout being released every week on Thursday at 5pm. You will have until the following Monday at 5pm to submit a valid score. A valid score is one that has been judged and validated at a CrossFit affiliate like Taranis or submitted via video submission.

Week 1 – Thursday, Oct 10 – Monday, Oct 14
Week 2 – Thursday, Oct 17 – Monday, Oct 21
Week 3 – Thursday, Oct 24 – Monday, Oct 28
Week 4 – Thursday, Oct 31 – Monday, Nov 4
Week 5 – Thursday, Nov 7 – Monday, Nov 11


Please read the following and note that athletes during this time fall into two categories


Registered Open Athletes IF you ARE registered for the 2020 Open, you MUST sign up for your judged Open WOD. Please use your Zen Planner account to sign up for Open WOD times  Please read the Taranis Open Rules


Non Registered Athletes IF you are NOT registered for the 2020 Open, you DO NOT need to sign up for classes and you do not use the extra Open WOD specific time slots to train. Your schedule does not change for these 5 weeks. 


How do we accommodate all the events and judges and our usual schedule?

At Taranis, we work extremely hard to ensure that we run a top-notch Open competition and at the same time we want to ensure that everyone’s fitness goals are being met. Registered Open Athletes need a judge and will be SIGN UP ONLY. You may not just “show up” to the gym and expect to do the Open wod if you need a judge. We will be running 12 registered athletes an hour during all the designated sign up slots. This will allow our athletes competing to have a set up to give their best effort but also honour the space and routine our non registered athletes are entitled to. 


Thursday evening – Open WOD of the week is announced. 

Our regular class schedule remains the same with non Open programming.

Additional dedicated Open WOD time slot at 6pm for Registered Open Athletes. You must sign up for the additional class if you need to do your Open WOD. 


Friday – Our regular class schedule remains the same with non Open programming

Additional dedicated Open WOD time slot at 5:30am and 6pm for Registered Open Athletes. You must sign up for the additional class if you need to do your Open WOD. 


Saturday – ALL CLASSES programmed with the Open WOD of the week.

Non Registered athletes don’t need a judge. 

WOD times run 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and 1pm. You must SIGN UP. You and your judge must be on time for each wod briefing. If you are a registered Open Athlete, you will must sign up in Zen Planner to reserve your space for any class time you wish to attend. We will pair you with a judge in the class unless you have already discussed swapping judging roles with another athlete. 


Sunday – Our regular class schedule remains the same with non Open programming.

Additional dedicated Open WOD time slots at 10:30am and 1pm for Registered Open Athletes. You must sign up for the additional class if you need to do your Open WOD. 


Monday – Our regular class schedule remains the same with non Open programming.

Additional dedicated Open WOD time slot at 4pm for Registered Open Athletes. You must sign up for the additional class if you need to do your Open WOD. 


All of the Open sessions will be 12 person time slots MAXIMUM. The events will be run with six person heats. Six people will do the event, the other six will judge. Depending on athletes in attendance and based on numbers and workout requirements, we may adjust how we operate during the hour. If you need extra time to warm up and mobilize, this is obviously fine but please stay out of the way of the judges and athletes that are doing the Open in that time slot!!

How does an Open WOD time slot run?

You will be briefed on the workout and movement standards for each event prior to the event starting. This happens right sharpe on the designated class start time. Don’t show up late thinking it’s personal warm up time your missing. You must attend the briefing and please give the coach your undivided attention. Once the briefing is complete, you will decide which athlete is going first or second. Each heat will be given an appropriate amount of time to warm up prior to the start of the event for each heat. You must fill out a scorecard and submit the appropriate portion to the affiliate for validation. BE SURE NOT TO LOSE YOUR PORTION of the scorecard and that both portions say the same score.

Note about judging: We will fully brief you on the WOD standards. As a Taranis Athlete most of these standards will sound familiar to you but we cover them thoroughly at each briefing. Not how to do them but how to judge them. You are also welcome and encouraged to take the CF JUDGES COURSE. This gives you more understanding of most movements from a judging/coaching point of view and likely make you a better athlete!

Then what??

Log into your CrossFit Games account and submit your score for validation. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Even if you believe you may re-test the event, submit your current score as you can always withdraw a score later and enter a new one for validation.

Train hard between Open events and rest accordingly!

We always have a plan for the Open when it comes up (this our 10th year running it) but hiccups do arise. We are working on all of our members behalf and ask that you please understand that this time of year is complicated and we will do everything in our power to keep the gym running smoothly and on time!

In the event that you absolutely can not do your Open workout during one of the designated time slots, please remove your class reservation in Zen Planner so that it can be filled for the wait list.

If you haven’t done so, you have until Monday Oct 16 to register so it’s not too late.



Taranis Referee Call

In conjunction with the launch of the Taranis House League team competition, we will be launching a new program to develop referees for our unique sport and competition format. One of the struggles with hosting or running competitions within our new and developing sport is the ability to have consistent professional level referees during events. We are hoping to develop a system that allows the referee in our sport to earn some money for their time and to also have more accountability at the officiating and athlete level. We are anticipating challenges in developing this program but believe we have excellent candidates within our community that can rise to the occasion and become leaders in officiating. This is an excellent way to be involved in the fun times that is the competitive side of our training without actually competing if competing feels overwhelming or is not your interest.  


  • We need people who are confident, and comfortable in a position of authority
  • We need people who can be loud when it is warranted
  • We need people who aren’t afraid to call a penalty
  • We need people with a strong moral fiber
  • We need people who are open to constructive criticism
  • We need people who are punctual and reliable
  • We need you to be able to attend the referee clinic on April 28th, 2019 at 2:00PM 


  • Ideally you will have completed the CrossFit online judges course within the last 3 years 
  • Ideally you have refereeing experience in any sport 
  • Ideally you have at least one year of CrossFit experience
  • Ideally you have been a member at Taranis and regularly attending classes for at least six months
  • Ideally you have competitive experience in our sport at any level
  • Ideally you have your CrossFit level 1, 2, or 3
  • Ideally you have CrossFit coaching experience 


  • You can expect support from the oversight committee when needed 
  • You can expect feedback and performance reviews 
  • You can expect to be involved in some level of controversy at some point 
  • You can expect to be paid at least minimum wage for your time (hopefully more but we don’t exactly know the pay structure yet) 

We believe this a very exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested in this in-house competition or the sport as a whole. Please don’t feel overwhelmed with the above list and if you are at all interested, sign up and attend the clinic on April 28th, 2019. We are aware that it is not a lot of pay initially but are hoping that this can evolve into something more (even if it only evolves in-house) There is no requirement to continue after the clinic so if you want to learn more about what this is all about, come out and try some things! We will have a tentative schedule for the season done by the clinic date so people know the required time commitment but it can be amended if you decide not to continue so please come out! 

Anticipated time for the clinic: 2 hours. The clinic time WILL NOT be paid time. 

Taranis House League Team Info.

We are excited to announce that starting the weekend of May 4th and 5th 2019 we will be launching our first “season” of the Taranis House League! This league is being designed to be fun, inclusive, and have a good level of competitiveness and sportsmanship. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Taranis is enforcing quality movements, clean reps, and well-organized events. We will be bringing this same level of quality to you during our in-house league!  

The details of the league will be somewhat organic in nature and may change season-to-season based on what works and what doesn’t work but rest assured, any changes throughout time will be undoubtedly better for the overall experience of the athletes and referees. Here are some main points to get you started: 


  • Teams will be comprised of two-to-three athletes. Two athletes will compete per game. 
  • There are no sex/gender requirements per team 
  • Games (matches) will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The MOST LIKELY times will be 11:30AM-1:00PM on Saturdays and 2:00PM-4:00PM on Sundays. 
  • Seasons will last between 5 and 7 weeks that will include round robin play, playoffs and finals. 
  • The number of games and number of weeks will be dependent on the number of teams that register. You could be scheduled for multiple games in a weekend. 
  • Teams can make substitutions game-to-game but NOT during a game. You must be able to field two athletes to play that game but the third athlete on the team DOES NOT have to be present. 
  • Games will be in a head-to-head format resulting in a win/loss record 
  • Win/Loss record will determine the SINGLE KNOCK-OUT playoff bracket. 
  • Depending on the number of teams registered you MAY be put into pools and/or divisions for ease of match-up scheduling. 
  • You will be placed into the divisions/pools based on the opinions of an oversight committee.  


  • The Oversight Committee will be in charge of workouts, schedule, rules, dispute resolution, and any other administrative duties of the league. 
  • All games will be officiated by a paid referee and a member of the oversight committee will supervise all game days. 
  • You ARE permitted to participate in the league and also be a referee, however referees will not referee in their own pool or division. Bear in mind that the time commitment for this could be quite demanding if you are doing both. 
  • Any disputes arising from refereeing or other issues will follow a dispute resolution process. 
  • League fees will be approximately $150 per team and will go to cover referee fees, oversight supervisor, division winner prize money, facility/league administration, insurance and overhead. League fees are subject to change depending on actual operating costs and prize money. 
  • Division winner prize money will be dependent on number of teams registered. 

Once your team is registered and you have determined a team name and established who will be the team captain, you are ready to go for the competition. The Team Captain must attend an information session on April 27, 2019 at 11:30AM at Taranis. At this meeting we will go over the rules and expectations of teams and athletes. Our goal is to try and have the schedule of games and workouts completed for the Captain’s meeting so teams can begin to plan their strategies and to deal with any potential scheduling conflicts. If all of the workouts are not ready for the captain’s meeting, they will all be ready by the first game day in May. 

Team registration deadline: April 22nd, 2019.

Team Captain’s meeting: April 27, 2019 at 11:30am

League fees due(cash): May 1, 2019.


Zen Planner Launch FAQ’s

Here are some basic FAQ’s that have come up in the last few weeks. 

Why do I have to provide my financial information again? Don’t you have it on file already?

Yes we do however:
1. We want the very latest information from scratch for everyone. I am unable to enter banking or credit card information in the new system without postal codes. A large number of you are missing postal codes on your waivers and financial forms.
2. Payment option types! We are now offering EFT, VISA AND Mastercard! I know some of you will be thrilled to move to mastercard. We want you to have the payment option that works best for you.
3. There is expediency in having you enter your information while you complete the membership agreement. It just makes sense.

Will I still be able to cancel or place my membership on hold with 30 days notice?

Yes! In the fine print blah blah blah of the membership contract, it says “If the student and/or co-signer wish to cancel this agreement, they may do so by sending a 30 day written notice, delivered to CrossFit Taranis at least 30 days prior to the cancellation date desired by the way of registered mail, electronic mail, personal delivery. Just send us an email and we will take care of you!

What are the Phases to this Zen Planner launch?

Phase 1: financial, waiver, agreements and personal profiles set up and running. On the back end of things I want to make sure families are grouped, accounts are being processed appropriately and everyone is set up and happy with the new system.

Phase 2: Scheduling, athlete class check kiosk and other behind the scenes functionality for the coaching staff.

Phase 3: automations for things like birthday’s, monthly newsletter, athlete goal reviews, waiver renewals and other general good business practice and community building items.

Phase 4: Possible WOD tracking functionality.

Why will I have to check in for class?

We will be asking athletes to check in(2nd phase of the ZP launch) for every class because we would like to see the numbers, the trends, the business side of things. How do we know what’s working or not if we don’t have the numbers to back it up?

Will you be limiting class sizes?
This is a consideration for certain classes, yes. We have done everything to avoid having to do this but as we do with all aspects of our business, we look at what do we need to do to evolve and serve our community the best way possible. Then we do it. We have been in this business for 11 years come March. We know change can be disruptive for some but we do hope you’ve learned you can trust us to make choices and changes for the best experience possible.

Will we be using the WOD tracking portion of Zen Planner?
Possibly. I think it’s a part of ZP functionality that we are keen to play with a bit but it’s not the reason for moving our admin to membership profile software. We will test it and keep you updated.

If I have a Zen Planner profile with another gym or club do I need a new one with Taranis?

This depends on the email you use to build your profile with. If it’s the same one, you will be given a choice of your locations to sign into and you will have a password for each club. If your various clubs have different emails on file, you will have a different sign process. Everything is figureoutable, so if you’re running into issues, come see me.

Can you help me?!? I can’t set this up because: It’s too hard! I’m technologically freaked out! I lost my glasses! My dog threw up on my computer and I dropped my phone over the railing into the Grand Canyon while on holiday last week so I don’t have online access to set up my profile!

Whatever the issue is, yes, I will help you get set up. You will see “Sully’s Open office Hours” in the schedule. Feel free to pop into the office, I’ll be there just for this reason. You can also email me with any questions or to set up a time before or after the class you want to attend and I will meet you.

2018 Taranis Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge

Join us!

The TNLC is a challenge over the course of 6 weeks. We will provide you with a weekly challenge in the area’s of nutrition and lifestyle designed to honour our Mission Statement:

“To provide an environment of education and support for all Taranis Athletes with the intention of guiding them to make educated, conscious choices for a future of sustainable nutrition and lifestyle choices.”

Start date: January 8
End Date: February 18

The goal for participants is to implement these challenges each week for the entire 6 week experience.

Your TNLC Leadership group is passionate about bringing health and wellness education and awareness to our community of athletes at Taranis. We will be in this with you for the 6 weeks. We will share our own experiences and do our best to give you the support you need. It won’t always be easy, but like a good day at the box, it will be satisfying to the soul. TNLC side effects include: feelings of empowerment, increased physical performance, and a growing fixation with mirrors.

Vanessa Sullivan: Co-owner of Taranis Athletics.
Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné: Owner of ReNu Wellness and WoD Nutrition
Reed MacKenzie: Co-owner of Taranis Athletics and Victoria City Firefighter



Register Now!