NEW Gymnastics BLOCK STARTS Jan 29th or 31st (depending on level) with additional 1 hr practice session option on Saturday’s at 12pm!

The additional practice sessions are a great option if you are hoping to hone in your skills before the CrossFit Open starts! 

*Registration must be done prior to the start of each block.

4 week block cost and package options:
4 group classes + homework 1x/week $75
4 group classes + homework 1x/week + Coach Momo supervised group practice session 1x/week $120
*You can also add on PT sessions if you need any additional guidance

Level 1 – Foundation Gymnastics

When: Thursday Nights at 630pm NEW BLOCK STARTS January 31st/19 * Single Leg Squats + Toes to Bar Progressions

Why: To build balanced strength and stability in the body and learn techniques for fundamental gymnastics movements.
Who: This class is for beginner to intermediate level athletes who want to focus their efforts on building strength and stability in gymnastics movements. There is no minimum work requirement for this class. Everyone is welcome! J

Level 2 – Technical Gymnastics

Get working on all the skills and drills you need to be doing to become a better CrossFit competitor!

When: Tuesday Nights at 630pm NEW BLOCK STARTS January 29th/19 * Pistol Squat + Toes to Bar Efficiency & Strengthening

Why: To build on foundational strength & stability and practice techniques for advanced gymnastics skills.
Who: Intermediate-Advanced level athletes with a solid strength base who want to learn more advanced skills and efficiency in gymnastics movements.

L2 Technical Suggested Skill Requirements:
Some experience or prior knowledge with pistols and toes to bar.  Preferred to already have the capability to perform these movements in some capacity.


Fill out our online registration form using the link here:

Payment can be made online or in the office at any time up to start of first class. 

If you have any questions please email Coach Momo at