Taranis Outdoor WOD – Easter Weekend

This beautiful sunshine is PERFECT for a holiday weekend and an outdoor WOD!


6km run for time – see location below

Scaling options:

PACK: walk/run using intervals. For example:1 minute run and 3 minutes walk

PUPS: walk

Go solo or take the family, make it work for you!

Location: Dallas Road walking path. A Clover Point (4 way junction of the top walking path and the lower road heading down to the beach) to the Ogden Point Sundial. You can start at either end of the route and you will be doing a round trip loop back to your starting point. Anytime the path gives you the option to stay close to the ocean, please do BUT don’t go down to the beach paths. All branches lead back to the same main path but the true 6km is the water path.

Please post your WOD details and times to our blog or social media posts. We would love to know if you had anyone join you or perhaps you ran past the Easter Bunny along the way.

Wishes to you all for a couple days of sunshine and fun!