WOD Thursday 03.19.2020

** PLEASE post results to comments **

Figure 4 Wall Stretch x 1 minute/Side
Childs Pose x 1 minute

Movement Prep:
90/90 Hip Rotations x 10 Alt reps
Quad T-Spine Opener x 10 reps/Side
Kneeling Squat to Standing x 10 Alt reps
Inchworm + Push Up x 5 reps

Warm Up:

15 seconds On/15 seconds Off
Mnt Climber x 3 rounds
Plank Hold x 3 rounds
(R) Side Plank x 3 rounds
(L) Side Plank x 3 rounds


“Death by Burpees”
EMOM x Failure

*1st Minute perform 1 Burpee
*2nd Minute perform 2 Burpees
*3rd Minute perform 3 Burpees
Etc…. Until you can no longer complete the reps within the minute.

*Athletes should be aiming to complete 10+ minutes in this workout.
*If your not able to complete the work before the 10 minute mark. Rest 1 full minute and carry on in the next round.

Cool Down
– 2 minute light jog or walk
– Lying Pec Stretch x 1 minute/Side
– Lying Hip Flexor Stretch x 1 minute/Side